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Osinbajo: Church must shun donations from unexplained affluence



Former Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has called on the church to question the wealth sources of politicians making donations to support evangelism.
Cablenews24 reports that Osinbajo spoke on Saturday at the inaugural lecture in honour of the late senior pastor of Fountain Life Church Taiwo Odukoya.
The lecture titled ‘Strengthening the Christian voice in government or public office’ was held at the Civic Center, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Osinbajo admonished the church to teach good values that Christians can hold on to when they find themselves in public service.
“How often do those who receive money from politicians and from other sources ask the source of the money? the former vice-president asked.
“So the question is not how many Christians are in government, business, or professions? The question is, what are they equipped with?
“What are the relevant principles of the gospel that they know and apply in their daily and professional or public lives?”
Tolu Odukoya, associate senior pastor of the church, said the lecture would carry on the legacy of empowerment of her late father.
“It is with great joy and a sense of gratitude that I welcome you all to the inaugural Daniel Odukoya lecture,” Tolu said.
“Today marks the beginning of a significant tradition in our church, a tribute to my father, our father, the founding father of the Fountain of Life Church.”
Ben Akabueze, director-general (DG) of the budget office of the federation, who delivered the lecture, emphasised the need for Christians in power to uphold good tenets.
“In today’s world, governments operate in a diverse and pluralistic society, thus diversity is reflected not only in the cultural and ethnic background but also in the multiplicities of world views,” Akabueze said
“Christianity co-exists alongside other faiths and circular perspectives, these diversities necessitate a respectful and collaborative approach to governance.
“It is important for Christians to engage with respect and understanding towards other faiths, which should not mean compromising one’s belief but rather, finding ways to express such belief.
He urged Christians in power to ask for forgiveness and retrace their step when they derail.
“I encourage each of you to step into leadership roles, your presence and voice in these spaces can make a profound difference,” he added.
“No one is invaluable and leaders will make mistakes, Christians in public office should demonstrate humility and the willingness to seek forgiveness.”
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